The iPad: Your Punctual Lover

July 12, 2010

Even though I’m a Windows-based developer, I grew up the son of a teacher and an Apple fanboy. While I like to think I’ve become more balanced since my youth, I still remain a fan of their products. My wife has a MacBook Pro which makes my Dell laptop jealous, and I love my iPhone to death.

When Apple announced the iPad, like many my reaction was along the lines of “OK that’s cool, but what do you use it for?”

I still haven’t bought one, but little things I hear keep inching me closer to the inevitable point where I’m sure I will break down and buy one.

My wife and I have friends who own one, and say it makes a great living room computer. The iPhone, while handy and always nearby, still isn’t big enough for some things, and the iPad gives you that real estate for casual web surfing and blog reading on the couch.

And now Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, has bought an iPad, and I think he sums it up perfectly:

A regular laptop is like your boss: always making you wait before giving you busy-work assignments. The iPad is more like a punctual lover. It’s always ready for fun.

Check out Scott’s full post: The Amazingness of Instant.